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  • Rooted Necklace

    I asked for this necklace for a present when I was going through a rough season. This necklace was a daily reminder to myself of staying “rooted” in my faith. It reminded me to keep those roots strong in Christ and I’d weather any storm. Thank you for making such a sweet and simple necklace.

  • Daisy Cow Shirt {v-neck]

    Love this tank! I bought it through a local retailer and have been loving the cut and fit. It is great quality and washes well. Fits true to size.

  • Ladies Get Rid Of Those Smudges

    This polishing cloth should be a staple if you like to wear sterling jewelry. Just a few swipes and your sterling jewelry looks good as new.

  • Simply perfect

    This is the perfect PNW necklace! It’s simple, sweet and uniquely perfect. I wear this necklace several times a week and it’s well made and still looks brand new!

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