We don't always have to be keeping ourselves busy...

We don't always have to be keeping ourselves busy...

The peace and calm that can be found in the storm comes from being still.

I'll be the first to admit that is not an easy thing to do. I love me a productive day filled to the brim with a list of things to accomplish. As a homeschool mother, a wife, and business owner, there is plenty to occupy my time.

But one of my absolute favorite childhood memories is of my grandparents porch. My grandparents knew the importance of rest and the act of being still. After morning chores were over, we would always find ourselves on the porch with a sweet treat in our hands counting the cars driving by. Sometimes we would chat about the day, other times we would sit in absolute silence as we listened to all of my grandma's wind chimes, and other times grandma would read us a verse or two.

So calming. So peaceful. No wonder it's one of my favorite memories.

In addition, it's amazing what we can learn from being still.

I believe the very act of being still shows reverence to God. Instead of trying to rush and hasten to fix it all ourselves, it demonstrates trust in our Heavenly Father. While we are resting, He is working. It also shows obedience. He commands us to 'be still.' That command is rooted in love friends.

Also, the act of being still allows our thoughts and feelings to catch up to us. It helps reveal burdens we didn't know we were carrying. Tears fall we didn't know we needed falling. It also bring awareness to the wonders around us... the beautiful blue of the sky or the deep shade of green in the grass.

Truly, it is amazing what we notice, feel, and the things that come to mind when we be still.

The most compelling reason for me to being still is that it allows for Gods voice to be heard.

Sometimes we try to keep ourselves busy so we won't hear from God. Friends - that only works for so long.

There has been times I've been afraid to sit in the stillness because I was afraid of what God would say or reveal to me.

But what I have found is this; just as the Apostle Paul opens a letter to the church of Galicia, with good tidings and love, that is usually how God begins conversations with me.

If you are feeling tired, worn, overwhelmed... all the things, can I share some words of advice?

Let the world race past you for a moment. Sit at the feet of Jesus and have your cup filled. Plant your feet back on solid ground. Have a good cry if need be.

Do you have a few minutes? Because that's all it takes.

Xoxo - Lesly 

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