Jesus Take the Wheel

Jesus Take the Wheel

This has been my payer since the start of the year. Why? Because I felt completely lost in my business and personal life.

Not sure what to do, what direction to go in, I cried out for Jesus to take the lead.

Did He?
I think the actual question to that is... did I really let Him?
There is always this tug of war between allowing God to have full control, and me, taking back control.
This morning I was reminded to pray again, "Jesus, take the wheel."
This doesn't mean I do nothing. Quiet the opposite. For me it means taking full advantage of the things right in front of me. And I did just that at the beginning of this year.
I paid $550 dollars for a rather large event happening in my hometown of Spokane. Scared to death of that huge entrance fee... I did it anyway.
And here I am, a few months later, shaking in fear as the event draws near. Did I make a huge mistake? Did I pay to much?
What made things worse was the giant display I ordered finally arrived and it was not what I was expecting. So I returned it an had to rethink how I would set up my booth. Ohhh man did the negative thoughts start seeping in... I can't do this. I wont sell enough. It was a dumb thing to do.
Have you ever done this? Jumped in with both feet with the best intentions only to get scared mid air and wish you didn't, in fact, jump?
Friends, thing's haven't gone as planned but... That means nothing in the light of what Jesus can do.
I took that leap of faith in payer and with hope. That's enough. That's all that is needed,
As I prayed this morning... I was reminded to let go all go. To show up, give it all I've got, and leave the rest up to Him.
Whether this event is great or falls short - I will come out having something learned something.
Despite my mistakes or mishaps or leaps I maybe shouldn't have taken. I know God uses all of it to grow us, teach us, and help us on this journey of life. 
So I'll put my big girl panties on and push through. I'll show up with anticipation for what wonderful things might happen and leave the rest up to God.
Here is your reminder friends. Take full advantage of what's in front of you. Take that step with Jesus and allow Him to show you the plans He has for your life. Because He will. You know He will.
I'll share more after the event is over. Are you waiting in expectation with me?
xoxo - Lesly with Birkland Boutique
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