Everything will not be okay unless...

Everything will not be okay unless...

"Mom, everything will NOT be okay until I have a dog!"

"It wont be okay unless this happens. Or unless I have that..." Yep, I've most definitely had these conversations with God.

I feel like He might look down on us the way I did my son (but with more grace). "You really will be okay without it. It's not necessary right now. Someday the timing will be better.

He knows our wants and needs and, like me with my son, I believe He wants to bless us with them. If they are good and right for us. But we can get so caught up (I can anyway) with what I think I need now.

This makes me lose sight of what I do have. It makes me want to harbor jealousy. It makes me think I don't have enough. It's very toxic.

Maybe we don't have everything we want but maybe we don't need everything we want either. Maybe it will distract. Maybe it will disappoint. Maybe (and I'm just spit balling here) it wont be as grand as we think it will be. Gods no's and not right now's have always been wrapped in protection.

What I've had to do is take these feelings to God and let them rest there. Praying 'your will be done.' Asking for peace and ultimately, His perfect timing.

He hears, He knows, He is listening. And He loves!

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today, about 2 years after writing the blog above, and I am happy to tell you - we now have a puppy!

And wouldn't you know it... new puppies are a lot of work!

The constant accidents. The waking up every three hours through the night to take them pee. Then taking them out every hour through the day to avoid all the accidents. It's like having a new baby!

If we had gotten a puppy back when my son wanted to, it would have been horrible! We lived in an apartment at on the top floor no less. I think I would have lost my mind, specially with everything else we were dealing with.

God knew that.

Often times, when we ask for things, all we can see is the excitement. We miss how much work and time will go into it.

That's why Gods timing is perfect.

Now we live in a house on property. We can easily take him out throughout the day and he has ample room to run. Also, my son is old enough to help and has taken on a lot of the responsibility. The timing, again, was perfect.

In the waiting, which is so hard, this situation reminds me God is preparing a way. He hears, sees and knowns. And at the right time, if its what He really wants for you, He will make it happen.

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